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We have combined 20 years of sustainability experience with the power of AI for better data management, gap analysis, peer reviews and risk management.

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We are using AI to shape the future of ESG

Our AI Assistant, Ellie has been trained to increase efficiencies and streamline sustainability reporting. Our clients benefit from enhanced data management and reporting assistance. In addition to rating agency gap analysis, peer review insights and ESG legal risk analysis.

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Data Collection

  • Upload spreadsheets, pdfs, or any document for Ellie to search
  • Find policies buried in giant documents as Ellie can find a needle in a haystack within seconds!
  • Build a folder of vendor invoices, AFE’s or anything which can help Ellie, help you, using existing documents for your ESG strategy


  • Ask Ellie specific ESG framework questions to see if you already have the data in existing documents
  • Ask Ellis Starter Kit questions, as she’ll assist regardless of your ESG expertise
  • Ellie is trained on over 100 ESG legal and rating agency questions, and learning new ones daily
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Features Image
Features Image

Our AI-powered software provides guidance

  • Guidance for best practices built by ESG experts
  • Examples and support to guide you in every step
  • Updated to keep pace with evolving ESG expectations

You benefit from:

  • A credible outline of your company’s ESG strategy
  • One source to communicate with any stakeholder requests
  • Marketing your company’s ESG successes
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You need hard data to tell the world about your achievements in:

Environmental Action

Corporate Culture

Ethical Business Practices

Your Role In The Marketplace

Our software and AI engine simplifies, then automates data gathering and reporting processes. It integrates with any metric, standard, framework, or rating agency. Use our advanced tool to funnel dozens of questions into one, reducing much of the burden you face when disclosing ESG data.

Understanding and reducing your eco-footprint requires hard numbers for:

Carbon emissions

Carbon Emissions

Icon vendors and supply chain

Vendors and Supply Chain

Icon manufacturiing and sourcing

Manufacturing and Sourcing

Green development

Green Development

Icon risk mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Corporate giving

Corporate Giving

Today, earning the public’s trust means that you:


Create an inclusive, diverse workplace

Accommodate and celebrate people

Accommodate and celebrate people of all stripes

Honour accountability to local communities

Honour accountability to local communities

Icon protect human rights and personal privacy

Protect human rights and personal privacy

Operating with integrity means thinking deeply about:

Fair and transparent dealings

Fair and Transparent Dealings

Service and vendor agreements

Service and Vendor Agreements

Financial contracts and relationships

Financial Contracts and Relationships

Internal policies and practices

Internal Policies and Practices

Icon outreach and community support

Outreach and Community Support